Boris RESOMER® success story

As manager of the RESOMER® development teams in Birmingham and Darmstadt, I’m responsible for the areas of custom synthesis, process and product development.

We have a great, highly motivated team that works efficiently and with a steep learning curve. I truly enjoy working with the RESOMER® team every day! We enjoy a lot of variety in all aspects of our work and that’s what helps us to fulfil all of our customers’ individual requests.
A great example of our unrivaled team spirit was during the transfer of our largest manufacturing process from Birmingham to Darmstadt. This was done to facilitate supply security and increase capacity. During the entire move, we experienced close and open communication, total dedication and a high level of expertise – all factors that contributed to its success. 

We have highly skilled people in all relevant functions, in particular in the business and technical areas. I strongly believe this results in the ability to be a solution provider and that is what gives us a competitive edge on the market.
Our RESOMER® brand is especially valuable because all the products are quite diverse, ranging from controlled release coatings to medical devices. Yet at the same time they are similar: they are based on a small group of raw materials and thus guarantee an excellent safety profile. I really look forward to launching new product lines, some of which will be available in late 2016 or early 2017.