Elisabeth's RESOMER® success story

My task in the RESOMER® team is to develop established RESOMER® products even further and conduct research on new RESOMER® products.

As a staff member in the development laboratory, I experience every single day how we can empower our clients to innovate their products. Each new request by one of our clients is a welcome challenge I like to take on.

A very unique experience for me was working on the compaction of RESOMER®. To realise tests for this job, I flew to the University of Seville. It was a rather challenging cooperation as the staff there hardly spoke any English, we experienced a power failure while conducting some tests and the pressure that we needed for the tests could only be generated once every 30 minutes. Still, we managed to achieve good results, and I will never forget this experience.

On the one hand, it’s quite challenging to constantly come up with new ideas and new methods. But on the other hand, it’s so motivating that with working on RESOMER®, I can help achieve a better quality of life for so many people.