Harry's RESOMER® success story

I supervise application technology for RESOMER®. I have been working with RESOMER® for 25 years, yet even today I am still fascinated about the topic.

Applications in medical technology are truly diverse and every client presents us with very individual challenges. For me, one of the many highlights over the years was the first time a laser was used to process RESOMER®.

Our work ethic is that we always put top priority on the quality of our work and our products, on fulfilling our clients’ needs and on advising them about their projects. Over the last 30 years biomaterials and RESOMER® have been the driving force in medical innovation: from replacing metal implants with absorbable implants or developing new pharmaceutical formulations to forging new paths and realizing new therapies previously considered impracticable.

When it comes to the future I see great opportunities in additive manufacturing. Creating patient-specific implants will substantially improve treatment. This is our contribution to empowering innovation, and that’s what makes my job thoroughly satisfying.