Howard's RESOMER® success story

I currently serve as the global director for technical marketing. My primary function is to identify new opportunities for our products by maintaining direct contact with our customers, keeping a close eye on the market, as well as assessing areas in which we might expand our business. It’s a small team, so I still spend quite a bit of time collaborating with my colleagues and assisting with technical decisions and strategies. The goal is to drive our efforts forward in creating value for our customers.

I decided years ago, before joining Evonik, that I wanted to be an industrial chemist where I could apply my education and experience towards products and services that made a real difference – not only for the company I was employed in but also for users of the products. RESOMER® is used in a range of products that help those that truly need it, and it represents the key excipient in many new products that have great potential.
I view the work we do as necessary because there are people who depend upon it for a certain quality of life. We all hope to benefit from new discoveries in medicine when our loved ones or we ourselves fall ill or are injured. So in some way I feel like the RESOMER® team carries on that long tradition of advancing medical treatments. 

We have formidable competitors and many others in developing markets wish to enter the marketplace and compete, but it’s a tough area to work in. The challenge really is: can we continue to innovate and find customized solutions? Yes, I’m sure we can!