Jonas' RESOMER® success story

I am the department head of marketing services at Evonik Health Care which includes marketing communications and market research for RESOMER®.

I was part of the team who developed the tagline “empowering innovation”, so of course, I fully believe in it. Everyone who works with RESOMER® can be really proud of its continued success and their contribution to it!

At first glance, it’s an inconspicuous product, yet it offers unimaginable opportunities for innovation to our clients. For example, injections don’t have to be given daily anymore, heart devices are absorbed by the body and much more. These ground-breaking innovations are inseparably linked to RESOMER®.
When a product like RESOMER® performs successfully on the market for 30 years, it’s an excellent thing and a great tribute to our work.                                                                                          And I can assure you that the success will continue!
For example: enabling surgeons to print tailor-made 3D implants in the operating room in the near future is one of so many fascinating topics that keep us motivated and focused about accepting all types of challenges.