Paul's RESOMER® success story

I was the former global business head for RESOMER®. I have been involved in the bioabsorbable field since 1994 and have been directly involved with RESOMER® since November 2011. It is a wonderful opportunity to see new advances in medical treatments and therapies being developed with RESOMER® by our partners. For example, I am very proud that RESOMER® is used in commercial cardiovascular absorbable devices that are changing the health dynamics in a positive way around the globe.

I like projects that start with a very focused effort but one in which our clients keep an open mind so our scientists can help with the feasibility projects to pick the right polymer. As proper development takes time, we are investing in our Medical Device Application Labs in Europe, China and the USA and we've already seen them prove invaluable in regards to faster development times for our clients. Our investments are paying off to the benefits of our clients and it is fun to see our strategy being successfully implemented.
For RESOMER®, the key benefit is empowering innovation, as advanced drug delivery using our polymers addresses many important topics such as ensuring that patients take their medicines. Additionally, improvements in the absorbable medical device field is beyond what                                                                                             we could have imagined 10 years ago. 

Being able to quickly adapt to the changing environment while managing the ever-increasing complexity of our daily work and regulatory requirements will be crucial to being able to write RESOMER®’s success story for the next 30 years.