Tom's RESOMER® success story

My role involves using RESOMER® to develop extended-release drug delivery formulations: microparticles, nanoparticles and implants.

I started working with RESOMER® when I began my first job, which was at the Southern Research Institute. Since then, I have spent my whole career working with RESOMER®. I continue to be passionate about this material and about using it to create unique products that can truly benefit patients. So for me “30 years of empowering innovation” really is all about 30 years of empowering innovation for patients!
RESOMER® has a variety of physical and chemical properties that can be manipulated to achieve a desired drug release performance. It bioabsorbs simply by reaction with water and breaks down into lactic acid and glycolic acid, which are already present in the body. So much is known about RESOMER®, and there are so many RESOMER® products on the market that its long safety history makes it a sound                                                                                                  material to use for future drug-delivery and medical-device products. 

Another advantage of RESOMER® is the availability of commercial GMP quantities from Evonik’s substantial manufacturing facilities in Europe and the United States. 
As drug substances become more potent, there will be many more opportunities in the future to develop products into proven RESOMER® dosage forms for systemic and local delivery. That’s something to look forward to!